Hypnobirthing  Antenatal Classes & Doula Services for a Better Birth

Practical, in-person, antenatal hypnobirthing classes and doula support to help you sail confidently through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood.

In-person group classes in Central Cambridge

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Tracy Sealey with one of her hypnobirthing-antenatal class students

We can help you feel calm and confident about giving birth and becoming a parent

Overcome your anxieties about birth..and...relax

BirthSense have helped hundreds of new parents to overcome their fears and confidently navigate their journey through birth and early days parenting.

Make informed decisions and boost your confidence

Our evidence based approach means you will learn proven techniques and be able to confidently make good decisions about your birth

You won't be going through this alone

Meet other new parents - in real life - and get the chance to build a support network and make new friends for life!

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People love BirthSense classes

Our group-based, in-person, classes in Central Cambridge are practical, down to earth, evidence based and lot’s of fun.

Make a Good Birth your Reality

It’s not magic – just science!

Our classes cover everything you would expect from a modern antenatal class but we approach each topic with the specific intention of eliminating unnecessary fear and anxiety and increasing your confidence.

This doesn’t mean ignoring potential challenges or pretending that positive thinking is all you need. It means helping you to understand the process and empowering you with the knowledge and skills that will help you stay calm, focused and in control of the situation no matter what.

The techniques that you and your partner will learn are designed to help you have an easier, more comfortable birth, but they will also help you to navigate your experience with confidence and positivity even if the plan needs to change.

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