Tracy Sealey, doula & antenatal teacher

I’ve been supporting couples through pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood since 2015.

Whether you are planning to give birth at home or in hospital, with or without medical intervention, I can help you to feel fully prepared, supported and confident as you approach the big day.

Tracy Sealey
Photo of a smiling Tracy Sealey teaching one of her antenatal classes

Birth support that is down to earth and evidence based

I first became aware of hypnobirthing back in 2010 when I watched my sister birth her son using the techniques. I don’t mind admitting that I was a massive sceptic, but seeing how calm, controlled and easy she made it look blew my mind! I was so inspired that I decided to train as a hypnobirthing teacher and, later, as a doula.

Being present to see hypnobirthing techniques used in real life situations taught me that there is a world of difference between theory and practice. Figuring out what worked well, what didn’t work so well and what could be improved, completely transformed my entire approach.

I decided to do further training in the practice of clinical hypnotism and began developing my own techniques, scripts and recordings.

My approach to birth support is down to earth and evidence based. I can’t realign your chakras or teach you how to channel the goddess through your vagina. What I can do is to help you tell apart the science from pseudo-science as you navigate this journey and understand the practical steps you can take to have a positive birth experience. I am here to support you, without judgement or agenda regardless of how or where you want to birth your baby. 

When I’m not teaching classes or supporting my doula clients I work for the Charity Birthrights delivering workshops to medical professionals on human rights centred care.